“Are Those Spots Contagious? No, It’s Just Psoriasis.”

The red spots overtook my body overnight. I was diagnosed with psoriasis when I was 15 years old. As an outrageously, dramatic teenager, it was as if life couldn’t get any worse. I was already awkward and not very confident. Having psoriasis made me very self conscious and I felt uncomfortable all of the time. When I had a flare, I would shrink back and I didn’t get to be the person I truly was. 

Now I try not to let psoriasis affect my confidence and I don’t let it define who I am. It still affects my confidence and relationship with my body. When I have a bad flare, I still sometime choose to cover it up so that its not my main focus (example below) Stress is my biggest trigger and I can physically see its impact on my skin. Having psoriasis has made me more aware of what my body needs and has taught me to listen to it when I need something. 

Guess which guest has psoriasis?

I’m not sure I’ll ever completely overcome the rude stares. Or the even bolder “is that contagious?” question. My responses have just gotten better with time. 

Most people don’t know that psoriasis is a disease of the immune system. Psoriasis isn’t just a vanity disease; there are emotional and physical stresses associated with living with it. 

I’m taking this journey to spread awareness about psoriasis and hope that my experiences can help someone.


  1. I can give you an idea I picked up for the stubborn areas which don’t budge regardless of how much cream you use.
    You do need to be careful not to over do this, but apply cream,then add some extra before wrapping cling film over the area. Don’t do too many at a time, and see the results.really works

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