Comfy Cozy Spots all Winter Long

My BF Mike loves the city life, whereas we’ve established that I love the beach life. With that fact in mind, our jobs + families are here, plus knowing I’d have an angry mob of gal pals on my hands, pretty much eliminates my hopes of moving somewhere hot and tropical. And there goes my dreams that it will miraculously cure my spots, leaving my skin smooth and dewy looking (because I’m pretty positive that would happen.). Looks likes I’m stuck in the Northeast waiting out my winter spots and these particular spots don’t seem like they’re going to hop off anytime soon. So like any good hostess, I’ll do what I can to keep my obnoxious guests comfy and cozy. Below are some of my go-to’s in the winter for keeping my spots happy and hidden:

1. Red polka dot blouses are like urban camouflage for girls with spots

2. Layered necklaces are a fun way to cover up any chest flare ups

3. Scarves double as coverage and warmth

4. Cotton tights are a life saver, normal tights are too itchy!

5. Cloth headbands protect the border of hairline & spots

6. Vaseline – honestly I use it for everything, all over – face, lips, bod, etc.

7. Hats are great and bonus you don’t even have to brush your hair!

8. Smile and don’t let it ruin your day 🙂

Please let me what your go-to winter tips are, I’m always looking for new tricks!

Just A Girl With Spots

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