Maybe because it’s Wednesday?

I’ve been in Minneapolis for less than 24 hours and it seems like my spots have tripled since my arrival. Could the frigid 20 degrees and hail pounding at the window be the cause? Or could it be the only 3 hours of sleep on Monday night, coupled with a 16-hour work day on Tuesday? Or the super yummy chocolate chip cookie I had with dinner? (You can’t say no to a cookie baked especially because you were coming into town!) Or maybe it’s just because its Wednesday? Who the heck knows!

Along with all psoriasis sufferers, one of the biggest frustrations about the disease is not knowing why it’s happening. If I could just pinpoint what my exact triggers are, then I could simply stop what I’m doing. It drives me even crazier when I do absolutely nothing different and the spots just get worse. Sometimes it’s stress, sometimes it’s sickness, sometimes it’s the weather, maybe sometimes it’s because it’s Wednesday. Not knowing drives me bananas!

For the times when I’m feeling extremely uncomfortable I use a prescription topical called halobetasol propionate containing a synthetic corticosteroid. It does an amazing job at clearing up the itchiness and lessening the redness, but it makes me incredibly susceptible to bruising to the spots where it’s been on my skin. So the more spots I have means the more bruises I get (and I’m pretty klutzy, so not a great combo!) But last night I diligently put it on each individual spot and today I have a bruise on my arm from leaning it against the table while I work. So now where there used to be a spot, is a bruise. I’m not entirely sure which is better, but on the bright side I’m not nearly as itchy today.

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