Just Relax and Smile

A bestie of mine said the other day “I never even notice any spots on you.” When we met in college I was completely spot-free, but in the 8 years since graduating from QU there have been long periods of bad outbreaks (with trips to the beach, hanging out at her pool & mini skirts!). Since I know she’s a terrible liar, I know that she wasn’t just trying to make me feel better. Other than my mom, who knows more about my skin than I do, the majority of my friends and family say they really don’t notice my spots anymore or that it’s not as bad as I think it is. I feel so incredibly lucky to be surrounded by people who understand and simply don’t care.

True friends and family don’t focus on your faults or your appearance. People that you want in your life aren’t friends with you based solely on your looks. They’re happy when you’re happy and they’re there to help you focus on the fabulous things in life. They’re there to listen when you’re frustrated and help you snap out of it when you’re having a pity party.

Luckily,  I also work with some of the nicest people in the world so I never feel uncomfortable in the office. Unfortunately, I have worked with nasty people in the past and recall a few days of crying after work when asked repeatedly if I was contagious.

My best advice for the many emotions we deal with (in psoriasis and life) – surround yourself only by people who make you comfortable and accept you for the person you are inside. For those sucky people at work, just relax and smile at them. It’s hard to be nasty to someone who’s smiling at you 🙂

~ Buddy the Elf
Source: via Sonya on Pinterest

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