Health Time Capsule

Day One: Health Time Capsule – Pretend you’re making a time capsule of you and  your health focus that won’t be opened until 2112. What’s in it? What would people  think of when they found it?

Psoriasis was officially diagnosed in 1814 and with its genetic impact, I unfortunately do not foresee it completely going away by 2112. My hope is that there will finally be a solution to control its symptoms. Inside my Time Capsule, I’d like to include a scrapbook containing stories & experiences from today’s psoriasis sufferers with advice and tips on how they control their outbreaks. Through my journey, I’ve met so many people with tremendous positivity and strength. Their stories and experiences, written/shown through their eyes will allow people in 2112 to understand the emotional and physical obstacles that psoriasis has. And most importantly that they refuse to let their lives be dictated by their skin condition. I’d want the people who find my time capsule to understand that psoriasis is a very personal, emotional disease and that everyone with it has very unique experiences and finds different ways to control their symptoms.

But just in case they haven’t found a solution yet, I’d be sure to include:

  • A jar of Vaseline & Cocoa Butter body oil
  • Coal Tar shampoo
  • An anti-inflammatory cook book
  • A 7-day pill case filled with supplements
  • Cotton tees, tights & scarf
  • Epsom salts & oatmeal bath soak
  • Sunblock with moisturizer
  • Turmeric spices
  • Running shoes
  • Journal & pen

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