Judgments prevent us…

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Judgments prevent us from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances~Wayne Dyer

Living with a skin disease teaches you early on that physical judgments can really hurt. Judging others has become an accepted practice these days, especially girl on girl. There are television shows and magazine articles dedicated to judging others’ clothes and appearances – guess who has acne, guess who has cellulite… Enough already! Watching and reading that stuff makes it easy for us to even start judging ourselves and focusing on the negatives. We all have our own securities and we don’t need others (especially ourselves) pointing them out daily. In a May 2011 study, 2,000 women aged 18-45 were asked what they noticed first about other women and #6 was “skin and spots.” Anyone living with psoriasis can tell you that their skin is a daily insecurity and it’s always on the top of their mind.

One of the things that living with psoriasis has taught me is acceptance. It’s accepting that beauty is more than skin deep and there’s more to a person than their appearance.  It’s accepting my flaws and focusing on my assets. It’s looking past appearances to find the beauty in the soul. To me, beauty is confidence and attitude, spots and all.

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