I Write About My Psoriasis Experiences Because…

I write about my health because… Reflect on why you write about your health for 15-20 minutes without stopping.

…because I don’t want anyone living with psoriasis to think they’re alone. I’m a part of a community that supports one another through words of wisdom, advice, friendship and care.  Everyone has very unique experiences conquering their skin condition, and other health concerns, but those experiences shared can have a positive impact on someone looking for guidance. It’s really inspiring to see how much encouragement and love the psoriasis community has for one another. We all understand the physical and mental anguish that can be brought on by a flare up and the frustrations of trying to figure out why.

When I was diagnosed, I stayed covered up and inside away from staring eyes. I’d hit the beach in the summer and refuse to strip down to my swimsuit, sweating it out in long sleeves and pants leaving my friends to wonder what my deal was. The only other person I knew with psoriasis was my grandmother and we weren’t exactly going through the same stage of life together. But I was lucky enough to have someone there to talk to who understood exactly what I was going through. Though she preferred that I stayed covered up and away from tank tops and mini skirts! There are a lot of people with psoriasis who aren’t as lucky as I was to have someone to talk to that understands.

It’s okay to be frustrated and sad about your skin, but you don’t have to go through it alone. We can all teach and learn from one another and continue to support and spread awareness about psoriasis.


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