Turmeric + Me = Love


It’s official – I’m having a love affair with turmeric.  It’s been just a bit over a month since I began incorporating it into my daily lifestyle. I take one 500mg pill a day and cook with it on just about everything – chicken, salmon, soups, salad dressing, etc.

Pretty shortly after I discovered the benefits, I stumbled upon a beverage called Tumeric, the Elixir of Life at the Fairway on 86th Street. It was born in NYC’s East Village “with just a blender and a dream of sharing exceptional organic healing elixirs with the world.” The ingredients are cleanly listed on the front and the vanilla bean flavor is so yummy. The downside is that it’s a bit expensive for a drink, but on the flip-side it makes for a good breakfast or an afternoon snack. The taste is a touch spicy, with just a hint of sweetness, but it’s refreshing and cool all at the same time.

All yumminess and love aside, I do believe the turmeric is having a positive impact on my psoriasis spots. As a part of my daily routine, I’m seeing great improvements in my skin when the full regime is followed. Don’t tell turmeric, but I’m also having a love affair with chia seeds. Yes, ch ch ch chia – they’re exactly what you think they are!

It seems I’m like the last to know, but chia seeds contain some really amazing health benefits. They have two times the protein of any other seed of grain. They have five times the calcium of milk. Two times the amount of potassium as bananas. Three times more iron than spinach. And one tablespoon is packed with crazy Omega-3, rare antioxidants and five grams of fiber. No wonder they call it a superfood! Plus they’re kind of fun to eat and drink, it’s an odd sensation in your mouth!

In addition to the turmeric + chia seeds, I also take daily supplements of a

  • a Multi-vitamin with iron
  • Acidophilus tablets to support digestive function
  • Milk thistle to support healthy liver function
  • Fish oil pills to support heart health and skin and joint function

In combination with the anti-inflammatory nutrition plan and exercise routine, my psoriasis is just about under control. I still have spots and break out when times get a bit stressed or if I deviate from the routine, but I’m currently at peace with my skin.


  1. I love turmeric too! I normally drink it with milk/juice and a teaspoon of black pepper mixed in, because bioperine (in black pepper) helps curcumin (in turmeric) to be absorbed more easily by the body. It ha an amazing affect on psoriasis.

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