Take Them Off!

The time has come to take them off. My clothes that is. Before you get the wrong idea, let’s take a quick step back…

This weekend marks the unofficial start to summer with Memorial Day weekend! I hate to brag (maybe I do a little), but I’ll be spending the weekend at the beach/pool in West Palm, Florida! I’m headed down with some college friends to celebrate the 30th birthday of a very fabulous lady. The forecast is hot & humid with chances of thunderstorms every day, though I’ve got my fingers crossed that some sun peeks through.

Me & the Birthday Girl circa Spring Break 2004!

But now the anxiety has kicked in about stripping down into my bathing suit in front of other people. The past few weekends have been gorgeous and I’ve been able to get myself out into the sun, so I’ve had some really great success clearing up the spots on my face, arms, chest, back and stomach. But I’ve had no luck with my legs and they are still quite spotty. So in an effort to clear those up too, I’ve been using the steroid topical I was prescribed up until this past Sunday. Bad, bad idea, because  now I have red spots and an absurd amount of dark black and blues covering both thighs, shins and calves. It looks like I had a run in with an unhappy leprechaun dancing around and punching me in the legs.

So this week I’ve stopped using the steroid and have limited myself to heavy moisturizer and tea tree oil to at least rid my legs of some of the black and blue. The bruises are slowly healing and I’ve discovered that the cat gets bizarrely excited about the tea tree oil. When it’s on, he’s either rubbing up against my legs or laying in the spot where I put it on! He gets the same way about pickles, olives and yogurt, weird little thing.

At this point, I’ve run out of time and just need to focus on having lots of fun and relaxing a bit. So what if I’ve got spots on my legs, I need something to blog about right?

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and gets some safe sun, xo!


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