Who Do You Talk To About Your Psoriasis?

Who do you talk to about your stresses? Specifically your stresses that come along with having psoriasis?

Isn’t my Grandma the cutest?

BB (Before Blogging) I only talked to my mom and my grandma about my skin. Grandma also has psoriasis and Momma has made it her business to be completely educated about the subject. Writing so freely about my skin condition has allowed me to come clean about my feelings and emotions towards it and now I’m comfortable talking to all my friends and family about it.

Mike has been an amazing confidante and encourages me to open up about the emotions and frustrations of living with psoriasis. I didn’t have a flare up for the first two years of our relationship, so I was very anxious about how he’d feel about it and whether or not he’d look at me differently. It’s silly actually that I would think that, because that is not the man who I fell in love with and he would never react that way. But even knowing the person he is, those scary thoughts did run through my mind. He’s been an amazing partner in helping me find new remedies, suggesting foods and supplements that he’s been researching, and supporting the work I’ve done on my blog.

I’ve also gotten the wonderful opportunity to (virtually) meet and talk to so many readers who have psoriasis and similar skin conditions. I absolutely LOVE (love love love) receiving emails from you with tips and your kind words. Psoriasis creates a strong connection between people and it’s amazing to be able to talk to someone who understands exactly what you’re feeling and how your skin affects your daily life. It was a hard decision to start being so open about my skin, but one that I’m glad I made. I know it’s not the right outlet for everyone, but I do encourage you to find someone who you can open up to.

Try Inspire or patientslikeme to find people with conditions similar to yours. People on those sites are so wonderful about sharing their tips, remedies and general love and support of others. Or you can always send me an email! Have I mentioned that I LOVE hearing from you?

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