The Yuckiest, Comfiest Pants in the World

The comfiest pants in the world (before they’ve become the yuckiest)

Yup, this post is exactly what the title says it’s about – the yuckiest, most comfiest pants in the world. They started out as the comfiest and through years of wear and tear have become the yuckiest (but still the comfiest). So I have this pair of black, lounge pants that I wear every single night. They’re pretty beat up, I’ve worn them hard. They bottoms are torn, they’ve been washed so many times that they’re see-through, they’ve got a few teeny holes here and there and they waistband is so stretched that they’re basically falling off. I’d like to think they’re just falling off because I’m finally getting that 6-pack I’ve worked so hard for, but it’s really because they’ve been washed so many times that the elastic is all stretched out.

But besides the fact that they truly are the comfiest pants in the world, I wear them basically every day because I’m tired of ruining perfectly good pants and sheets. So if I wear the same ones every day, then I’m only ruining one pair with greasy lotions, ointments and random home remedies. I can’t imagine it’s my sexiest look, but it’s what makes the most sense. I’ve ruined countless sets of sheets, towels and clothing in the last 15 years due to my skin treatments. Sometimes it’s worth it and sometimes I’m  just left with a greasy mess.

But even in the comfiest pants in the world, trying to sleep on a hot, sweaty night (sometimes the air works, sometimes it doesn’t) in a melted greasy ointment doesn’t make for a comfortable night’s sleep. Is sleeping in my undies on a summer night without sacrificing another set of sheets too much to ask for?


  1. i love this post and totally feel you about psoriasis pants!! i have a few pairs. soft, comfy and already destroyed so i don’t have to worry about staining them. you might want to have a sheet that you use just for the times when you want to sleep with bare legs, a sheet that you don’t mind staining and is used for that purpose.

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