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Guest Post: Laura’s Psoriasis Treatment

My favorite thing about blogging is hearing from my readers. I truly appreciate the time taken to reach out and the kind words of support and encouragement. I’ve been emailing with Laura for almost a month about life and psoriasis. She’s given me some great tips about what’s been working for her and I’ve been having some great success with them. Today’s post is from the fabulous Laura and her experiences about living with psoriasis:

Laura & her adorable daughter Eisley

My name is Laura, I’m 26. I’ve had psoriasis for half of my life now. It’s on my hands, feet, knees, and nails. I haven’t been officially diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, but I’m sure it’s there. During a breakout, my skin can be extremely painful and ugly. So painful that tying a shoelace or turning a light switch can be difficult. I hate it. As I’m typing my skin has that look and feel right before a breakout and my certain problem joints are achy. GREAT. I had thought things were getting better. Psoriasis is such a crazy roller coaster. Physically and emotionally. I began writing for this blog a few days ago, feeling very encouraged and wanting to share my new regimen. I was thinking that maybe I had found ‘THE CURE’ for my psoriasis because my skin looked AWESOME! Today I look at my skin and feel so crappy about it. If you deal with psoriasis, I KNOW you know the feeling. Anyway, I’ve decided that I cannot let it get the better of me. Pain is one thing, but feeling sorry for myself and letting it affect my mental state is just not the way to live. I have two kids and wouldn’t want them feeling sorry for themselves for any reason. Leading by example is the only way to teach that. I guess I’m writing this to encourage you to NOT let psoriasis get the better of you! I feel like sometimes it’s just a long run or tough workout that you’ve just gotta push through.

On another note, I did want to share with you my experience with goat’s milk soap. It’s pretty amazing stuff. The psoriasis on my knees has responded wonderfully to it and they have completely cleared up since using it regularly. I have been using it for about 4 months now and have only had a tiny breakout when I ran out of the soap and hadn’t used it for a week. Once I started using it again, my psoriasis on my knees cleared up within a matter of a day or two. It doesn’t work well on my hands and feet. However, since using it I’ve noticed that my breakouts aren’t quite as bad as they used to be. Anyway, I hope that this post has been somewhat beneficial to you. Take care all!

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