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This past weekend was Labor Day in the US, the unofficial ending to summer. September is like “back to life, back to reality…” for me. It means extra traffic driving into the office, my clients don’t skip out at 4pm to enjoy the sunshine and that they’re in the office all day on Fridays. It’s also time for me to let go of my bad summer habits and get back into a full-out nutrition and exercise plan.

Aside from it being an absolutely perfectly relaxing weekend, my bad habits caught up and hit me hard. I had a really itchy weekend and no amounts of oil and moisturizer helped soothe my red, uncomfortable skin. I know I have nobody to blame but myself, but it’s the kick in the ass that I needed to get back on track. Sometimes a physical reaction, something visual is what I need to make some changes. I felt like I needed to put myself into a grown up time out to think about what I’ve done. I’ve left myself in a position where I’m red and uncomfortable, I’m tired and cranky and to top it off I’ve gained a few pounds. All just a few weeks before I have plans to go wedding dress shopping (!!!!!!) and celebrate my 30th birthday.

So with that in mind, I pulled myself out of my rut and made myself a meal and exercise plan for the week. I’m the type of person that works better from lists, I have all kinds of “to do” lists around for everything. If it’s not on the list, it doesn’t get done! It’s been a few days back into routine and I feel better already.

Best wishes to everyone who have kids going back to school, are teachers going back to work and for everyone else who is just looking for relief from the humidity and wants to show off their new boots and scarves!


  1. You just hav to keep a strict diet and exercise to soothe those psoriasis attack? Im still trying with creams and moisturizer…

    1. Hi Sue, thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment. In my personal experience, I’ve found that my diet and exercise plan plays a role in the health of my skin. It’s not the same case for everyone and I’m not a health care professional, so my best advice would be to talk to your doctor about it. A recent study of U.S. women suggests that vigorous physical activity may be associated with a reduced risk of psoriasis. I wrote a post not too long ago about the study – I also recently participated in a webcast given by the National Psoriasis Foundation about the effects of your diet and psoriasis, the presentation can be found at Best of luck to you on your psoriasis journey.

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