The Not-So-Common-For-Me Cold.

The common cold. You know it – the sore throat, the congestion, the body aches, it’s too hot – now it’s too cold, the coughing, etc. That one. The common one.

But when you have psoriasis, layer on the dry, itchy skin and the red spots and now it’s a different kind of cold. The cold may go away in a few days, but the spots tend to stick around much longer and make me work hard to get them to go. This time around, my spots started popping up just as I was feeling the first tickle of the cold deep in my throat.

Whenever I get sick, I feel like I need to start over again with my skin. I feel like one of those “O Days without any Incidents” signs. You know the ones on TV where the sad-looking boss changes the number back from 123,543,654 days back down to O with a sigh? I know it’s a chronic illness and that it’s with me for life, but sometimes it can still pop up and frustrate me when it comes on this quickly. It’s something that needs constant care and management, but sometimes there are things that are out of my control. Like this cold, for example. Or when work gets busy. Or when there’s birthday cake…okay fine. I guess I can control that 🙂

I know it’s just picking up my routine where I left it off, but it’s so frustrating to see all the fantastic results replaced with spots. And not only the spots, but the uncomfortable feelings, physically and emotionally, that come along with them. I’m so anxious for this cold to be over, so that I can get back the motivation and energy to get back in there and take care of myself.

But for now, I’ll pop some cold meds, lotion up and sleep it all away!


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