Like Clockwork…

Fall fun with my bestie!!
Just like clockwork, my spots are back. I was just telling my mom that so far this fall/winter (or whatever random new season this has become) I’ve been having really good skin days. It’s kinda like saying “I haven’t had jury duty in a while and then – BOOM! – there’s your invite to serve your civil duty the very next day.” I still haven’t learned to keep my mouth shut sometimes. So my spots are coming back slowly, but there are more and more every day. They’re coming in dry and itchy and I’m struggling with how to make them go away. Psoriasis is so frustrating because even when you’re doing all the right things, you can still flare up. We can’t forget it’s an auto-immune disease and sometimes it has a mind of its own. Nothing has changed besides the season and the weather (and the Halloween candy), and we certainly don’t have any control there (that includes the Halloween candy). So now what? It means changing my game plan and stepping it up.

  • Heavy up on the moisturizer
  • Switch to bath oils
  • Get stricter on my diet – I swear I needed to test the Halloween candy for the kids!
  • Stick to loose cotton pants and give the leggings a break
  • Switch back to T-Gel
  • Break out the humidifier
  • Ease up on the super hot, long showers (such a bad habit of mine)

And lastly, I will TRY really, really hard not to eat a ton of cheesecake and apple pie on Thursday. Though someone should definitely taste test them 🙂 Here’s wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!!


  1. Great post, makes me feel better about my spots coming back this winter as well!!! You’re not alone!!

  2. My skin has been crazy lately. The only thing helping is lots of baths with sea salt and bleach (yes, bleach — it does help, at least it helps me). I’ve also been back on the topicals (vit. D + steroids), which helps some. I wish I had your self-control with sugar.

    1. Bleach! Interesting, I’ve never heard that one before? How much do you use? Unfortunately I think this outbreak is from my lack on control around the Halloween candy, but it’s a good reminder to get back on track!

      1. My dermatologist recommended it. You put one cup of bleach in the tub with hot (not too hot) water and stay in as along as you can (20 minutes is my rule). Then, take a shower and rinse the bleach off. It really gets the flake and some of the redness under control, though you have to lotion up like mad afterwards.

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