Dr. Oz Appearance: Living with Psoriasis and Heart Health

Picture1Recently I had the opportunity to appear on the Dr. Oz show for a psoriasis segment. The experience was definitely once in a lifetime and my 15-minutes of fame! I was pretty nervous, but mostly about showing my bare stomach on national TV.

This particular episode discussed a few topics, including fat melters and some of the risks for heart attacks. People who live with psoriasis are at an increased risk for heart disease, which is shocking to a lot of people. Most people believe that psoriasis is just itchy skin, not understanding that it is an auto-immune condition. Dr. Oz used a fancy, over-sized model of the skin to clearly explain what psoriasis is. He explained that the immune system is attacking the skin cells, causing them to get inflamed and red and to imagine what could be happening to your heart, if this is happening to your skin.

Take a look. All of the information is incredibly valuable, but if you’re in a rush the psoriasis clip starts Picture3approximately 2 minutes in:)!

All images are owned by Dr. Oz.


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