Psoriasis Remedies

Kardashian’s, Breast Milk, and Psoriasis

imagesSince a recent episode of Kourtney & Kim take Miami aired, I’ve had the same conversation quite a few times that went a little bit like this:

(Oh and it’s more entertaining if you picture the conversation happening in a “Clueless-Style” dialect)


Joni: Hi babe, what’s up?

Bestie: OMG, you’ll never guess what Kim did on Sunday?? It totally made me think of you! Oh and FYI, I’m talking about Kim Kardashian.

Joni: Oh, I totally knew who you were talking about. If it was about Kim and you thought about me, it was either about her psoriasis or her bum?

Bestie: Haha, yes! She stole Kourtney’s breast milk because she read somewhere that it helps with psoriasis. Did you know that? Do you think it really works? It sounds so weird!

So it may not have been as dramatic as that just sounded, but it felt like the right way to write about that kind of discussion. Like everything that family does, the media wrote countless articles about it the day after it aired, like it was some kind of breaking news. But as weird and crazy as everyone thought it was, my first thought was “hmm I wonder if it works, where do I get some? Which of my gal pals is still nursing?” I think we’ve all been there, ready to try practically anything. Sometimes I feel like I’ve already tried it all – lotions galore, foams, supplements, diet, tars, oils, steroids, light therapy, giving myself shots. We’re always looking for the magic formula and one day we’ll find it. Having psoriasis means having patience and the strength to keep searching for the right solution. I wonder if the breast milk ever cleared up Kim’s spots? Now if only my people could get in touch with her people to find out!


  1. Oh, this made me laugh! I also heard the breast milk story … & how sad are we, that my first reaction was also ‘wonder if it works?’. You’re absolutely right; we just need to be patient and fingers crossed, we’ll find a cure one day:)

  2. My friends asked me the same thing. I told my BF I would let someone lee on my legs if I knew it would help. (Sad thing is I meant it) Desperate times and all that….

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