Psoriasis & the New Kid

Being the new kid always sucks and it’s a time when first appearances are a big deal. I’ve been on the new job now for almost two weeks, but this story stems from meeting my clients on Monday.

My new clients are located down in Fort Lauderdale and wanted to meet me right away, so one week into my new gig I flew down to meet them on their turf. In typical fashion, I packed late Sunday night and went for the most stylish Fort Lauderdale business attire that my closet could produce. My skin was also in great shape so I decided to go for it and pack sleeveless.

Notice I said “was” in great shape. My psoriasis is like that; one day I’m good and the next is a nightmare.

But by the time I noticed this time, it was too late to re-pack. I was great on Sunday night and by Monday mornings arrival in Florida my arms were a mess. I left for the airport at 5am, so in all fairness I wasn’t the most alert and my only focus was on not missing my flight. But there I was with only sleeveless blouses meeting my clients in 2 hours for the first time. The relationship between agencies and brands are a critical one. Like anything, that relationship is what drives a successful partnership, so being the main point of contact for the agency is an important role.

So now I had two hours to get my head on straight and focus on impressing them with the vast knowledge of their business that I had gained in the past week. All said and done, I believe that the initial meetings went well and that nobody was focused by the spots on my arms (except me at first).

I hate that my skin always becomes the center of the universe when I should be focused on more important things, like meeting my clients and learning to be the best at my job. I hate that it gives me even a second of doubt and dips my confidence at such crucial times.

Even with those moments of doubt, I’m glad that I was able to overcome my personal stressing to focus on the task at hand. Psoriasis is what it is and I just need to keep reminding myself of that.


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  2. I found out I was gluten intolerant. I stopped eating gluten 5 months ago, and now am almost psoriasis free. Might be worth a try.

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