Surviving Wedding Season

Jeni's Wedding!Summer means a lot of things to everyone – vacation, BBQs, camp, no school/work, etc. But it’s also Wedding Season! Personally, I love weddings. I just love LOVE. This summer we only had one wedding to attend, but it was an extra special one – my little sister’s! The ceremony was gorgeous and the party was a major blast. Minor incident with a misplaced wedding license, but all was taken care of by 9:30am. And no it was not on purpose!

The day itself was mass chaos and unfortunately I spent a solid chunk of the morning on conference calls for work, on top of the lack of sleep from updating financial documents until 1am. By 11:30a my phone died, so luckily the problem solved itself for the afternoon. The craziness was worth it because I’ve never seen my sister smile so hard.

For those of us with a skin condition, formal wear can be tough, especially for the ladies. And even more especially when someone else is dictating what you will be wearing. The major stresses that week at work leading up to the wedding did a major number on my skin. My upper arms, upper back and legs were broken out. The long gown solved for my legs, but the halter dress highlighted those particular areas. This might sound weird, but thank goodness for spray tanning! One application helped cover up my spots and I felt comfortable all day and you can’t see anything in the photo’s.

If the spray tanning didn’t work, I did come up with Plan B, Plan C & Plan D.

Plan B: Arm cuffs & wearing my hair long down my back

Plan C: A light wrap (not ideal for the June heat, but sometimes beauty is painful)

Plan D: Whatever, it’s my sister’s wedding. Nobody’s looking at anyone but the beautiful bride! (Unless of course you’re Pippa Middleton)

What are your favorite skin covers for formal events?

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  1. I have spent the last two weekends searching for a dress to cover me up. I just had a baby so my skin is terrible!! I am 90% covered. Add to this I am a plus size girl who just had a baby. My brother in law is getting married. I need a dress that covers me, looks good on my plus size baby making body, that is comfortable enough to hold a big baby all day ( she was 12lbs when she was born), and is light and airy. All summer long I feel like I am over dressed. Everybody comments on it. Strangers even. ” wow you must be hot in those pants and sweater” (to cover my arms). The other day I was parked outside a store beside a tanning salon. They advertised spray tan to cover up a list of things. Psoriasis was one of these. I dismissed it and went about my day. I think I am going to try it. To eliminate at least one thing from my stress of finding a dress would be a help. Thanks for the suggestion. Is it expensive?

    1. Hi Kristy, thanks so much for taking the time to comment. Congratulations on your little girl!!. Is the wedding inside or outside? Day or night? If its at night and inside, I imagine a long black dress would be really pretty with a pashmina or lace cardigan. I had a similar instance this past week playing volleyball in pants in the 97degree heat – “aren’t you hot in those?”. I live in NYC, so things tend to be on the more expensive side but it was about $60. Depending on where you are, you should be able to find it for cheaper. Whatever you decide, enjoy the day with your family & congratulations to your brother-in-law!!

  2. You both look stunning! And I’m so glad that you got out there and partied with everyone else without letting your skin ‘get in the way’ You go girl!! Also fascinated that the spray tan worked …. guess what I’ll be trying next! Great post 🙂

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