“I Commonly Get Asked “Aren’t You Hot” When Covering Psoriasis”

In a moment of pure craziness in May, I joined the company volleyball team. I was new, I was excited, I wanted to meet people in the company. Bad idea. Playing on the 8th grade team does not make me a good volleyball player. Unfortunately, my clients and my workload forced me to skip more games than I got to play so I didn’t have the whole season to work on my skills. I thought tonight was going to be my shining moment, but all I got were two jammed thumbs! But I had some fun and totally get an A for effort.

Today was randomly around 95 degrees in CT. Lately it’s been close to fall weather, 80’s unnamedand 70’s, but summer came by tonight for one last game. It was 92 and sunny when we got started and I wore leggings to play. I dislike wearing shorts, spots or no spots. My thighs are my least favorite part of my bod and my skin is currently flaring up. They were also the only thing I brought to play in. I must’ve been asked at least 10 times tonight, “aren’t you hot?” Obviously I’m hot, it’s 92 degrees and we’re playing a game. Luckily, I don’t sweat. I sparkle.

I love summer so much, but I am excited for fall fashion & not having to answer those kinds of questions for awhile. Until next summer and hearing “Aren’t you hot?”

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  1. Yes i hate that, i mean you’re covered up in 95 degree sunny weather sweat rolling off ya like a St Bernard drooling over a steak , Nah i’m fine. lol

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