Today is World Psoriasis Awareness Day!

Image property of NPF
Image property of NPF

Today, October 29, 2013 is World Psoriasis Awareness Day. The web has allowed so many people to share their stories and talk to others living with psoriasis. Many great individuals and organizations honored World Psoriasis Awareness Day in very special ways and I wanted to highlight a few today.

The National Psoriasis Foundation teamed up with the International Federation of Psoriasis by giving a voice to the 125 million people with psoriasis/psoriatic arthritis worldwide. Head on over to to tell the world about your treatment experiences. Share your story and join the fight to keep psoriasis treatments affordable. Your stories will be shared with Congress to gain support for the Patients Access to Treatments Act, a bill backed by the National Psoriasis Foundation and 22 other patient advocacy and medical organizations that would lower treatment costs.

Alisha Bridges of the wonderful blog Being Me In My Own Skin announced the winner today of the Being Me in My Own Skin Scholarship. Alisha is an amazing blogger and an active volunteer for the NPF and today she provided a wonderful opportunity for a student on her site to win a $500 scholarship. And that winner is Tara Tingle!! “Tara has a strong passion to bring awareness to psoriasis. She has participated in numerous walks for a cure and is now a youth ambassador for the 2013 Walk to Cure Psoriasis. Tara is a true example of what it means to be a Psoriasis Superhero! With her hard work and dedication we are a step closer to finding a cure for psoriasis.” Please read more about Tara & Alisha here.

Todd Bello recently launched the Psoriasis Campaign for a Cure developed for Psoriasis patients and others to help find a cure. The ultimate mission is to find a cure for both psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. The supplement goal is to fund research in order to develop the science to obtain their mission. Working hand in hand with the NPF and it’s constituents. Empowering patients to be involved and improving their quality of life. Reversing the emotional component of our disease. is a new health site dedicated to consumers trying to find medical expertise through an objective search and ranking tool. In honor of World Psoriasis Awareness Day, they have highlighted the leading experts and institutions in the field on their site – found here! (

This is a small sampling to all of the amazing activities and campaigns that are helping to spread awareness and build the psoriasis community. Please help spread the word and let me know what you, your friends or your favorite organization did today to spread the spotty love!

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    I love your choice of words and your dedication to helps others with this incurable disease. Thank you Pso much for promoting my face book page, psoriasis campaign for a cure. I’m looking for volunteers to help admin my page. They would add content. Let me know if you know anyone.

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