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20131224-101335.jpgWe made it two weeks into the new year and I’ve finally sat down to reflect upon the absolutely amazing and crazy year that we just put behind us. In my experience, 2013 was a series of challenges, memories, inspirations, rewards and the best year of my life. The challenges were very much career focused, but have allowed me to continue my professional growth. There were so many memories and happy moments last year, but best of all I walk away from 2013 with my husband.

2013 was incredible and I got to spend a lot of time with the amazing people in my life. I am extremely lucky to have such extraordinary family and friends who went above and beyond to make our wedding as magical as it was. Being with Mike brings me a new family and set of friends, all of whom I consider my own people. It’s rare to have everyone that you love together in one place and that experience showed me how to really be present in those special moments.

My only regret this year is that I didn’t write more and spend some time with you. I cherish my blog and everyone who follows, takes time to read and comment. Writing is a growing passion and you’re my inspiration.

As much as I loved every moment of our wedding, I’m very happy that the planning and crafting is over. I’m excited to focus on doing the things I love and spending time with my husband and the fabulous people in our life.

The holidays may be over, we’re all back to work and already crazy busy, the weather is doing all kinds of weird things, but continue to enjoy the special people in your life and be present in the time you share with them.

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