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How’s your skin?

Without a doubt, conversations with both my mother and grandmother include these three questions:

1. How’s Mike?
2. How’s work?
3. How’s your skin?

Mike is absolutely wonderful and I actually can’t complain about work right now (knock on wood!) so that leaves us to the skin question.

My skin is not amazing but it’s been worse, so I can’t complain too much. This winter (like every winter) is reeking havoc on my entire body. Right at this moment, the skin underneath my chin and on my neck is on fire and incredibly sensitive. It’s been bothering me all day, so I also think it’s starting to get in my head. You know when a bug crawls on you and even though you’ve flicked it off, it still feels like an ant colony is crawling all over you. (My leg started to itch as I wrote that)

I’ve been using MetaDerm lotion and spray with coconut oil to maintain some kind of control since December. The wonderful people at MetaDerm sent me some products to try when I needed a wedding miracle. The MetaDerm products are organic, steroid-free, fragrance-free, paragon-free and do not include dyes. I liked the spray because of its ease and convenience, really good for times when you may decide skipping the treatment altogether due to time. The moisturizer felt really good on my skin, not greasy and my skin didn’t feel tight anymore. Products are available to purchase on MetaDerm’s Online Store or at

The combination had me completely clear for the wedding, honeymoon and through January. The combination is still doing its job, it’s just getting harder to deal with the never-ending winter elements. It’s highly depressing out there and the extreme cold has us cranking the heat around the clock.

In an effort to help counteract those things, we’ve been sleeping with a humidifier and I’ve been taking Bikram yoga classes 2-3 times a week. For the first hour and fifteen minutes, I really do enjoy the heat and humidity. I just need to learn how to not absolutely despise the last 15 minutes of class (the part where I think I’m going to pass out and never recover).

But like I said before, it’s been worse so I’m not going to complain (too) much.

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  1. I am not a blog reader usually but I am glad I stopped by yours. My computer skills are that of a retired g-ma so be patient. I read several of your articles and readers comments. It was great. I have been down the “road” and not much helps. I ordered Meta-Derm cream and will wait anxiously for it. Thanks you have a new fan.

    1. Hi Donna – Commenting on a blog definitely means you have some computer skills! I really appreciate your kind words and the time it took to reach out. How’s the Meta-Derm working for you?? Best, Joni

  2. Hi! Finding the best product for our skin is really a challenge. I have used some magic gel before in treating my worsening acne. It worked immediately, the itchiness was gone, it was a such a relief that I applied larger amounts to the affected area in my face. As a result, my face was burnt like it was splashed with oil while cooking. My face was a show stopper. After that I used a bunch of other treatments at the same time, hoping for an immediate recovery but the itch got worst and pimples were starting to scatter. I was using too many products on my skin and it got irritated to the point of hitting an overdrive.

    We just need to try one product at a time and stick to one that really works. A good night sleep will also benefit us in many ways than we think.

  3. Hi! So my kids have had skin issues for the longest time and I recently stumbled across a great gentle product. Since it helped my family so much, I wanted to share it with you. It’s the Calendula lotion and bath. You should definitely check out These products only use natural ingredients. For someone with sensitive skin, this product is a dream! Love learning and sharing new info with blogs! Thanks for posting!

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