Tips for Traveling for Business with Psoriasis

plane12I’m currently in Chicago attending a Sales Blitz for one of the brands I work on. One of the things that I struggle with when traveling is sticking to my wellness routines. I have enough trouble sticking to a routine at home. Now throw in a new time zone and a non-stop work schedule and it’s a potential recipe for disaster.

Tonight I had a hot date with my email to review the 150 messages I got while being away from my computer for a measly 6 hours, but I did manage to get in a quick walk around the neighborhood to do a little exploring (AKA: find dinner). I tried to get myself some of that famous deep dish pizza, but didn’t have the time to wait the hour it takes for it to be ready. Ultimately I ended up with a salad from room service, which is definitely a better choice (even though I still wish it was deep dish).

Just about two years ago, I posted an entry called “Home Sweet Home” with travel tips to remember when I go away for business/whenever. Every time I’m away I try to remember them and have added a few more along the way:

1. Start with a salad or veggies.

2. Get your tush up to run in the AM, because it’s not going to happen at night

3. Set out the vitamin bottle next to your toothbrush, so you’ll remember to take them in the morning

4. Bring a water bottle and fill it up anytime you’re around a fountain. This is still something I struggle with when I’m away. The days are always jam-packed and I tend to forget about the water I need to be drinking. It’s also especially important on the plane (trains & automobiles), where the air tends to be dryer than normal.

5. Pack snacks for the hotel room or immediately locate a store to stock up on healthy snacks for the room

6. If you’re up late or early writing emails, schedule them to send automatically when you want them to go out.

7. Don’t forget to pack enough body lotion and bring your own body wash. Even though a lot of hotels are pairing up with premium beauty brands, there’s something about hotel products that are incredibly drying to my skin

8. While I’m on the subject of packing, don’t forget the face wash. The hotel face wash bars for “sensitive skin” are equal to rubbing sandpaper on your skin. Stay away!

9. Take some time for yourself to decompress before bed. Stress triggers psoriasis and nobody got time for dealing with that sh*t!

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