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Hypopigmentation and Hyperpigmentation of Skin After Psoriasis Clears

I think we can all agree that the best part of psoriasis is when a flare clears up!

After a flare, I’m usually left with hypopigmentation, or areas of lighter spots where my psoriasis once was. I like to affectionally call them my Ghost Spots. Some people see areas of hyperpigmentation, where the skin is darker where their psoriasis spots were. I don’t love the physical reminder of psoriasis, but I prefer it over the itchy, dry psoriasis spots.

The reason this happens to skin after psoriasis clears is because of skin cell inflammation, which temporarily destroys pigment cells called melanocytes. In all of the sources I’ve read and through my own experiences, the spots are temporary. So have a little patience and they will go away on their own.

I usually wait until they clear on their own since I tend to get the majority of spots on my stomach and back, which can easily be covered with clothing. I do have used a few tricks to make them seem less obvious:

  • Sunless tanning lotion: depending on how many spots you have, you can either spread on evenly or individually fill in the white spots
  • Make-up: Dermablend and Sally Hansen Airbrush  Legs
  • Moisturize often: Coconut Oil & Dove Cream Oil Intensive Body Lotion
  • Sunblock: if you’re heading outside, protect your skin

In addition, plan to show your doctor on your next visit to ensure there’s nothing concerning or out of the ordinary.

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  1. Good idea to discuss this, because it’s an overlooked topic….probably because we’d rather have the “ghost spots,” than what was there before. Because I get UVB treatments, I haven’t had the white spots the past few years….now that I think about it. I wrote a young adult novel about a 13 year old with Psoriasis, and I’m currently writing the sequel. I hadn’t thought to include the spots….so thanks ! By the way, I’m still looking for an agent and/or publisher for the book if anyone knows one. My husband is convinced that the only agent that will be interested is one with psoriasis.

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