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DermaTherapy Bedding Review

DermaTherapy SheetsYou make decisions all day about how to treat your psoriasis, but what about while you’re sleeping? If you’re like me, the bedtime routine is more lengthy than the traditional wash your face and brush your teeth. There’s the traditional stuff, but then there’s dabbing all of the spots with either tea tree oil or apple cider vinegar, then applying the coconut oil or whatever new treatment I’ve decided to try. The combinations help with the itching and redness, but it is also very messy. TMI, but I usually sleep in my undies and the concoction on my legs would rub off on my sheets and leave them stained.

So when DermaTherapy approached me about trying their bedding, I was immediately intrigued and jumped at the chance. They sent me a set of queen-sized sheets to try and we have been sleeping on them for the past 6 weeks. The queen set came with a fitted sheet, flat sheet and two pillow cases.

The sheets are incredibly soft and silky and I can sleep on them without feeling like my concoctions are rubbing off on them. My legs are pretty spotty right now and they’re still moisturized from the coconut oil when I wake up. There’s also no residue or oil marks on the sheets. My husband does not have psoriasis, but he also really likes the sheets. He likes that they’re light and cool for the summer time. We’re able to sleep most nights without the AC and don’t wake up in a pool of sweat. We wash them weekly and the texture/softness of the sheets does not change.

I would definitely recommend them, but the downside is that they are a little pricey. The queen set will run you $134.99, but you can purchase HERE. You can also follow DermaTherapy on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter!

The products are dermatologist recommended and clinically proven to reduce the amount of itching, improve overall skin appearance and increase the amount of uninterrupted sleep. DermaTherapy fabric technology is patent pending. The uniquely structured fibers wick away moisture, keep your skin dry, and minimize irritating abrasion between fabric and skin. The soil release finish aids in the release of oily stains. The treatment helps protect against germs and bacteria on the fabric, helps maintain freshness, and eliminates odors.

DermaTherapy is the only line of bedding created specifically for individuals who suffer from skin conditions. Designed by Precision Fabrics Group, DermaTherapy fabrics incorporate uniquely structured fibers to effectively wick moisture away from the surface of the sheet. This revolutionary new development in fabric science results in a cleaner, drier and smoother sleeping surface.

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Let me know if you try them and your thoughts!

Disclaimer: DermaTherapy provided me with a free set of sheets to try for my honest opinion. All thoughts are my own and I will only share products that I truly believe in.

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  1. good for you. I hope I could find the same remedy here in the Philippines. It may surely take time if ever I would try to order the item.

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