Maxi Dresses Are My Go To Style With A Psoriasis Flare

Psoriasis Pfashion - Maxi'sI love pumpkin spice everything, as much as the next person. But I really need everyone to stop rushing summer. After that cold, horrendous winter (though the best winter of my life because my Reecie was born!), I’m still loving the heat and sunshine. There’s also the fun, relaxing summer mindset that I’m not ready to lose. The only bad parts about this summer are having to leave my little love bug to go back to work and the flare up on my legs. My back is also not amazing, but the last time I wore a backless anything to work is like never.

This summer, my go-to style is maxi dresses and skirts. Not only are they incredibly versatile and adorable, but they keep my legs covered, while giving them air to breathe. Psoriasis Pfashion - Maxi'sThey can be worn to literally every single occasion. Work. Baby & Bridal Showers. Weddings. Strolling in the park. As a Beach/Pool Cover up. Name an occasion and I’ll be there in a maxi. In fact, the dress in the second photo is getting a repeat performance this weekend. Thanks to my lovely sister for letting me hold her dress hostage!

Personally when I’m flaring, I do my best to make sure I’m feeling as confident as possible about how I’m looking. And a maxi makes me feel beautiful and comfortable and lets me forget for a minute that my immune system is beating itself up, fight-club style.

Psoriasis Pfashion - Maxi's


  1. Greetings from London! Yes – I agree, maxi is the only thing that helps to cover my P-infected legs at the moment. Sometimes I do itch to wear shorter skirts though… 🙁

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