The Winter Blahs and More Can Affect Psoriasis Symptoms


Unfortunately, I’ve been crazy busy and pretty stressed with life lately. There are some big changes happening with my current client that I’m sure will work out for the best, but in the meantime is keeping me on my toes. Also on the work front, I’m still adjusting to the role of working mommy. I have this massive sadness and guilt about leaving Reece every day for so long. The only thing that helps is that she is with my wonderful sister all day, doesn’t cry when I leave, but does cry when my sister leaves. So I guess they like each other 🙂

Another challenge I’m facing these days is fatigue. I’m struggling with finding time to exercise, as I’m already up pretty early with Reece and then when I come home from work, we have a limited time for dinner and playtime, then she’s off to bed. And after her bedtime, I’m ready to (and usually do) pass out on the couch before I move into bed for the night. There are always so many things that I want to do or reply to, but then I’m overwhelmed with anxiety and exhaustion and its easier to say I’ll do them tomorrow. But tomorrow comes and the cycle repeats.

I’m feeling mentally drained, physically tired, and incredibly behind on my to-do list. And those emotions ultimately have shown up as another psoriasis flare. Complete with red, dry, itchy spots on my skin and who knows what its doing to the inside of my body.

I know that fatigue is often a side effect of psoriasis and maybe that in combination with the above challenges are the reasons for my exhaustion. Proteins called cytokines that are released during inflammatory reactions can cause fatigue, maybe because those cytokines are working hard to help control the immune system’s inflammatory response.

So enough complaining from me and on a much happier note, our little love bug turned one at the end of January and is thriving in toddlerhood. Luckily for us, she eats everything and anything (including squid). She’s got a smile that will light up a room and knows how to work it on Daddy. And any day now, she’ll let go of her walking toy and start wreaking havoc on the apartment on her own two feet (more than she already does)!

Any advice for how to push through the fatigue and get through that to-do list?



  1. Your life is certainly busy but fortunately with all great things. Your daughter must be adorable and I do remember how hectic a busy schedule could be but when you come home and see your daughter’s face it’s all worthwhile. Great seeing your post,

    1. Absolutely, that post was definitely a brain dump to help me clarify why I’ve been feeling so stressed and exhausted. Unfortunately life will always have those things and I have a pretty terrific life overall. Right now, spending time with Reece is more important that the gym right now! Besides, isn’t chasing a toddler the best kind of cardio? 🙂

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