Flare Attack Plan!

I'm attacking my latest flare with a three category plan, including mind, body and skin.

Since being diagnosed with psoriasis 19 years ago, each new flare of mine begins with a sense of helplessness.

With my current flare, it started with a few spots on my face and legs and then I noticed a few more on my arms and chest and with each passing day I get itchier and spottier on my arms, hands, legs, chest, back, scalp and face. It’s an incredibly helpless feeling knowing that this is just the start of another chapter in my psoriasis journey. Its frustrating as hell not knowing what this flare will bring, what treatments it will react to or how long it will be around. With this flare, I am currently breastfeeding with no planned end in sight, so am going to try to stay away from any prescription medications and focus on organic, natural treatments first.

So now that I’ve accepted that this thing is happening again, its time to share with my plan to kick it’s ass! I’m an avid list maker and like to physically see my to do’s, so I started by writing down everything I planned to do and all the products I was using to see what needed to be adjusted or added. Then used my new marker set from Michaels to give it its own flare 🙂


I broke it up into three different topics: mind, body and skin. But you could argue that some topics fall into more than one or all categories.

I believe that keeping your mind stress-free and positive can play a large role in combatting psoriasis and I plan to do this by blogging, exercising and meditation. For meditation, I like to use the app Buddhify.

In addition to an overall (most of the time, but I still get pizza right?) healthy nutrition plan, my daily intake will include:

  • 8 bottles of water – Keep in mind that I am breastfeeding so have to drink even more water than usual to maintain my milk supply
  • Green Juice – you can find lots of different recipes to your own taste, but my go-to recipe includes spinach, cucumber, lemon, ginger, celery and a green apple
  • Vitamins – I am currently taking Garden of Life Prenatal raw vitamins
  • Turmeric Tea – I like this recipe by Meghan Telpher

The products I am currently using on my body include:

  • A mixture of 1 part apple cider vinegar plus 1 part water, followed by an application of coconut oil
  • I also use coconut oil on my face, body and scalp
  • For face wash & moisturizer, I use Acure Organics products
  • For body wash, I am using CeraVe baby wash

Keep in mind that I created this plan for myself through research and previous experiences. I am not a health care professional, so advise you consult your own doctor before starting anything new.

I would love to hear your feedback on my plan and if you think there’s anything to adjust or add 🙂

Just A Girl With Spots


  1. I just started using CeraVae cream after reading about it’s important ingredient in the latest NPF magazine, Advance. It actually does help with dryness more than then everything else I’ve tried. I also use coconut oil every few days.

  2. It looks like a very good plan, and You have inspired me. I wonder if it would be helpful to add to your juice some of the cabbage family. I.e. Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower or Kale.and take some Vit.D daily.. I make this suggestion because these things have helped me at times.
    Love your blog,

  3. Just found this, I’m dealing with the worst I’ve ever had.. Kinda freaking out isn’t helping for sure.. And none of the things that have worked in the past are working this time.

  4. Sheryl,
    My daughter has been diagnosed with psoriasis and her Dermatologist prescribed Elocon ointment and suggested UV therapy, as well as moisturising cream. My daughter was doing Year 12 and she didn’t want to have UV therapy at the clinic, but she would sit in the sun for 10-15 minutes a day, as well as swim in the ocean. Also, my daughter adjusted her diet to increase anti-oxidants and reduced gluten. My daughter used anti-dandruff shampoo (Selsun Gold) to clear up her psoriasis on her face, but this year she found that using only A & E cream had significantly improved her skin condition because the psoriasis had disappeared on her legs and upper back, as well as decreased on her arms and breasts. Also, she no longer experience any itchy skin. The A & E cream is much cheaper to purchase than the Elocon ointment, so we have significantly reduced the cost of managing my daughter’s psoriasis for this year. My daughter is planning to move out of home next year and I have observed that she now has the knowledge and skills to manage her psoriasis condition.

    1. That’s great news! It’s a lot to manage, I still struggle with the care and compliance at 38!

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