National Psoriasis Foundation Seal of Recognition for Psoriasis Products

Since my initial diagnosis, the National Psoriasis Foundation has been an integral part of my psoriasis treatment plan. Shortly after learning that I had the disease in high school, my mom and I attended one of their “More Than Skin Deep” events in NYC. My grandmother had a mild case of psoriasis so I had an idea of what it was, but this event was one of the first places where I met people who knew what it was like to be covered from head to toe with spots like me. It was also a place where I started to understand that it wasn’t just a skin thing and that the spots were a symptom of the disease not the only thing about it. Plus, most of the event attendants were adults, so I was able to also see early on that you could still have a successful life while living with psoriasis.

The NPF has always been one of my most trusted sources of information when it comes to living with, treating and coping with my psoriasis diagnosis. They provide education, inspiration, and tools for those looking for help navigating the ins and outs of living or caring for someone with psoriatic disease, and have built a community of acceptance and empowerment. Their resources include research, education, one on one mentorship, seminars and events, support communities (both on and off-line), caretaker information, a spot just for kids, and much more.

When I learned about their new Seal of Recognition program for over-the-counter psoriasis products, I was really excited to understand the criteria and what products were worthy enough to make the list. To receive, manufacturers must prove that their products meet the criteria established that their product “sufficiently and safely aids in the management of psoriasis as well as submit samples of the product for testing.” They are then independently reviewed by a panel of dermatology medical experts and people with psoriasis. In my opinion, that’s a pretty legit process and incredibly helpful for people who are looking for a non-prescription solution or compliment to medications. There are so many different kinds of OTC products out there and trying them all gets really expensive and frustrating, so having a trusted source to reference makes the process of finding something new much more comforting.

I get a lot of emails asking me to try new products, but am skeptical of a lot of the brands and am really picky about what I choose to put on my skin or into my body. But if a company is taking the time to acquire the seal and work with such a trusted organization speaks volumes about the company. I am more willing to try new products approved by the NPF. As the saying goes, any friend of the National Psoriasis Foundation is a friend of mine.

Choosing to start using a new product and then trying to determine what to actually use can be an arduous and time-consuming process, so I applaud the NPF for creating this tool to help guide psoriasis patients with their product choices.

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