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5 Tips Before Going to the Salon with Scalp Psoriasis

When you’re living with psoriasis, a simple task like getting a haircut, can cause stress and pain. Scalp psoriasis has always been one of my most problematic areas of this disease. I think it’s been my biggest pain point because of how visible is it, and because it’s always been so difficult to find something that treats it well without sacrificing clean looking hair.

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A simple task like getting a haircut can be painful and stressful when you live with psoriasis. Scalp psoriasis is very common and personally has always been one of my most problematic spots. It’s so visible when flaring and can be hard to treat without sacrificing clean looking hair. I’m sharing my 5 tips before going to the salon with scalp psoriasis. If you have a hairdresser you already go to, skip down to step 3.

When we relocated from NYC to New Jersey, the quest for a new hairdresser became essential. I started my search by seeking advice from local friends and neighbors for recommendations, a step that significantly aided my exploration. Simultaneously, I dedicated considerable effort to evaluating reviews. Although psoriasis-related mentions were scarce even though scalp psoriasis is very common, insights on traits such as personality, attentive communication, and preliminary discussions proved pivotal in shaping my choice. Beyond these attributes, expertise in handling lengthy and exceptionally thick hair emerged as another crucial criterion in my selection process.

2. Making an Appointment

Upon refining my choices, I reached out to the chosen salon to ask some questions. I inquired about their product range and, notably, the expertise of my preferred stylist in handling individuals with scalp psoriasis. Reassuringly, the hairdresser did have previous experience in working with psoriasis clients, demonstrating familiarity with the condition and exhibiting no reservations about rendering the service. It’s worth noting that even with a hairdresser that you’re comfortable with, a gentle reminder about your psoriasis during appointment scheduling can prove beneficial, especially if someone else will be washing and/or drying your hair. 

3. Appointment Prep

The night before an appointment, I wash my hair with coal tar shampoo. It has a very distinct, and somewhat aggressive smell that can be off-putting, but it works! There are some great psoriasis shampoos on the market that can help control symptoms. Look for products with ingredients like coal tar,  salicylic acid, or tea tree oil. Next, I use a wide tooth comb on my hair to loosen the plaques and tame my hair. Finally, I follow with an application of coconut oil on my scalp. This can be a messy process and leaves your hair looking greasy, but helps ease the dryness and soreness.

4. Consultation and Hair Washing


As I settled in for my appointment, I took a moment to remind my stylist about my psoriasis condition and indicated the specific areas affected. Our conversation revolved around my desired haircut style, but we also engaged in a discussion regarding the most gentle approach to hair cleansing to prevent any irritation to my psoriasis spots. In the past, I’ve even gone the extra mile and washed my hair at home before appointments to avoid discomfort during the session. However, given the current well-managed state of my condition, I was able to relax and thoroughly enjoy the calming hair wash during this visit.

5. Blowdrying Hair

So, you know what’s funny? I’ve heard all sorts of mixed opinions from folks dealing with scalp psoriasis about blow-drying – some say it’s a recipe for irritation, others swear it’s the way to go. Personally, though, I’ve found that just letting my hair air dry gives me more trouble. So, what’s my go-to move? I usually let the salon work their blow-drying magic on it.

During my latest salon adventure, the stylist was super careful, especially around the areas where those pesky spots like to hang out. She made sure not to go all crazy with the brushing and kept the dryer on a warm, not scorching, setting for those sensitive spots.

Gotta say, the whole experience was top-notch, and now I’m walking around feeling a bit lighter with those 6 inches of hair gone The prep process can be a bit more time consuming, but it makes going to the salon with scalp psoriasis a breeze!


  1. Great Share! Thank you for sharing your story. You are truly a very brave person. I have been reading about this medical condition these days and there are many people who are still unaware of the symptoms and the treatments available. I have found many articles which help us understand this condition in detail. Here is the list for your reference Hope you find these sources useful.

  2. That is interesting that prep work needs to be done before going to a hair salon. That is something I would want to do if I had psoriasis. Maybe it would be good to find a hair salon that could help me out with that.

    1. Hi there! It was not a prescription, but unfortunately doesn’t look like they are in business anymore. For scalp flares, I also like to use T-Gel and conditioner. Hope you’re feeling well!

  3. Everyone that is self conscious about their sores must remember that we were all created in God’s image. We are each empowered with the ability to “change” our own perception, despite what other people think about us and our visible sores.

    Having a visible sore does not reduce your ability to think, it doesn’t make you less of a person, and it shouldn’t prevent you from living your best life… And it won’t, unless you let it!

    I have had scalp psoriasis for a number of years. It can get extremely uncomfortable – when it bleeds, weeps and swells. The fiery pain of new sores can be frustrating and keep me from living my best life.

    Your blog is such a positive influence and provided me with so much information that I was not aware of. I intend to try the methods and techniques that this website has brought to light.

    Thank You wholeheartedly for sharing your life with other psoriasis sufferers. The pics really tell the story. I’m hoping you will all eventually (including myself) find the individual treatment plans that work for your specific body chemistry. If we continue to share our individual experiences, we will continue to get closer to a more permanent solution.


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