5 Ways to Help Your Child Conquer the Emotional and Physical Impacts of a Skin Condition

Between physical symptoms, the emotional impact, social and peer pressure, and the overwhelming abundance of treatment options, living with a skin condition – be it psoriasis, eczema, or acne – can be challenging, for both a child and their caretaker.

Consider these five ways to help your young one or teen navigate, understand, and persevere. Read more in my latest article for

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  1. I have written two novels for teens based on my life, about a teen-age girl who is struggling with psoriasis. The first book is Gone Before Spring, the sequel is No Doubt In My Mind. They are available through Amazon as e-books or print. So far, they’ve really taken off with adults, but I’d love to hear from teens with psoriasis. The film, I’m Just Like You, is for kids with psoriasis as well.
    Sheila Solomon Shotwell

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