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Time to Develop a New Psoriasis Flare Attack Plan

I'm attacking my latest psoriasis flare with prescription medications, and treatments for mind, body and skin.
My back is usually one of the first spots affected

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Since my psoriasis diagnosis at 15, each new flare begins with the same sense of panic. It starts with a few spots here and there. Then they rapidly start multiplying and getting more and more uncomfortable. Within a few weeks or even a few days, my body is covered in spots. The parts of body that tend to be most affected are my back, stomach, chest, and legs. Additionally, I can get spots on my face, scalp, and arms. 

It’s incredibly helpless knowing that another psoriasis flare will become a new chapter in my life. It becomes time to review past victories and develop a psoriasis flare attack plan.

Psoriasis Flare Attack Plan

Over the years, the plan has adapted and changed based on my current lifestyle and choices. When I was pregnant and/or breastfeeding, I stayed away from most prescriptions. Over the years, I’ve tried and failed medications or changed skincare products. I’ve made changes in the foods I eat and how I exercise. My body and skin have required different things as I’ve gotten older. The constants in my psoriasis flare attack plan are always treatments for mind, body, and skin. Those are in addition to whatever prescription medications I choose with my doctor. I also believe some overlap lies between one or all categories.

Prescription Medications

Choosing to take a prescription to treat psoriatic symptoms is a personal choice. After two biologic failures in the past six months, I am taking the biologic Tremfya. It manages both my psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. The first two doses are administered in the doctor’s office. Then after those, I’ll start doing them myself at home.

In addition to the Tremfya, I have a prescription for a topical cream that reduces the itching and soreness. The instructions are to only put it on the affected areas. I probably have over a hundred spots, so it’s too time consuming to do my whole body. I only use it when certain spots are really making me uncomfortable.



  • Nutrition:
    • Psoriasis is an inflammatory condition. Therefore, my meal plan is full of anti inflammatory foods. Foods like berries, sweet potatoes, avocados, spinach, beets, pecans, etc. I do not follow a specific diet, but try to keep meals simple. I cook for the family, so that means everything is tiny human friendly.
  • Vitamins & Supplements:
    • Daily multi vitamin
    • Turmeric Curcumin capsules include anti-inflammatory abilities
    • Grape Seed Extract also includes anti-inflammatory nutrients
    • Collagen Peptides (I put one scoop of powder in my morning coffee) can help fight inflammation that triggers psoriasis flares and joint paint
  • Hydration:
    • I am aggressively obsessed with hydration. My water bottle is always full and with me. I’m always reminding my family to drink up. I’ve recently enlisted Alexa’s help, so I’m not the only nagging voice doing that reminding.
    • My Favorite Water Bottle
  • Exercise:
    • I’m also obsessed with Orangetheory Fitness. Or as my husband calls it, my cult. I take 4-5 classes a week in the early mornings before the tiny humans wake up. Exercise is my main form of stress release and it’s one hour a day that I get to focus on my strength.


  • Exercise:
    • I’m so obsessed I wrote it twice. This is one that definitely overlaps categories, because it benefits my body and mind. Stress is my biggest trigger for psoriasis flares, so I work really hard to manage it.
  • Meditation:
    • To calm my mind at night, I listen to the Buddhify app to fall asleep.
  • Writing:
    • For me, writing helps me focus on my plans and a place to release my challenges. Sometimes it’s posts on my blog, writing in a journal, or a quick thought in a social media post.
  • Connection & Communication:
    • You know by now how grateful and inspired I am by the psoriasis community. I think it’s really important to talk about how your psoriasis flare makes you feel physically and emotionally. It can be a friend, family member, online community, or a professional.

I created this plan based on my personal preferences, research, and lifestyle. I am not a healthcare professional, so I encourage you to consult with your healthcare team before starting anything new.


  1. I just started using CeraVae cream after reading about it’s important ingredient in the latest NPF magazine, Advance. It actually does help with dryness more than then everything else I’ve tried. I also use coconut oil every few days.

  2. It looks like a very good plan, and You have inspired me. I wonder if it would be helpful to add to your juice some of the cabbage family. I.e. Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower or Kale.and take some Vit.D daily.. I make this suggestion because these things have helped me at times.
    Love your blog,

  3. Just found this, I’m dealing with the worst I’ve ever had.. Kinda freaking out isn’t helping for sure.. And none of the things that have worked in the past are working this time.

  4. Sheryl,
    My daughter has been diagnosed with psoriasis and her Dermatologist prescribed Elocon ointment and suggested UV therapy, as well as moisturising cream. My daughter was doing Year 12 and she didn’t want to have UV therapy at the clinic, but she would sit in the sun for 10-15 minutes a day, as well as swim in the ocean. Also, my daughter adjusted her diet to increase anti-oxidants and reduced gluten. My daughter used anti-dandruff shampoo (Selsun Gold) to clear up her psoriasis on her face, but this year she found that using only A & E cream had significantly improved her skin condition because the psoriasis had disappeared on her legs and upper back, as well as decreased on her arms and breasts. Also, she no longer experience any itchy skin. The A & E cream is much cheaper to purchase than the Elocon ointment, so we have significantly reduced the cost of managing my daughter’s psoriasis for this year. My daughter is planning to move out of home next year and I have observed that she now has the knowledge and skills to manage her psoriasis condition.

    1. That’s great news! It’s a lot to manage, I still struggle with the care and compliance at 38!

  5. I have been freaking out for a year!my dryskin is only on my chin,it was the scariest,costly experience ever,I prayed and cried a lot,not telling anyone, I avoided peiple,the worse is thar it happened during the COV-19,I thought maybe wrong musk?was it COV it,self?then dr’s offices closed! I kept researching and everything seemed connected to Psoriasis, and sinxe I was diagnised with Rhumatism is made sense,peeling the dryskin made me look older wirh very dark chin,am not sure what helped since I never saw a dermatologist, I used dove all my life, i do use coconut oil,but just recently,one study said it could be white cells doublingup and causing the pores to clog,that made sense because when I dry one spot and move to the next,the previous spot would clog up instantly, am very better now how ,i dnt know just very few dryness just the chin.I do drink Kambucha and Kimchi,use cauliflower rice ,egg white and berries,but I did that following KETO diet,now reading diet for this condition that is how am suppose to eat to help my conditon,ohh I use Tumeric capsules and spices on meals.I feel happt but scared it mifht popup again.All the posts are very helpfull,to know that am not allone.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been struggling. Psoriasis can feel very lonely, but there is a very large community of people living with it and know what you’re going through. I hope you find something that treats the dryness and helps give you comfort.

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